Permaculture Design for your Home and Land

p1020932We are offering consulting and support in the area of Permaculture Design - choosing the right property for your needs, siting your buildings, what to watch out for when building or retrofitting energy efficient homes.

When buying land it is often a difficult choice to make on your own. We will help you to identify the different aspects of the property and how this can be the right place towards the fulfilment of your dream – or not.


p1030140If you are planning to build or have bought a house, we can work alongside you to help you develop the home, and home gardens to suit your needs.

And of course you can make changes to the place you are living in for a long time already, with the aim to make it future proof.

Permaculture is looking at reducing energy input, making sure that the overall layout works for you and your family. No matter if you are thinking about new or retrofitting, where to put the washing line and where the water is coming from – all things big or small need to be considered for your efficient and effective design.

In the past we have been involved in teaching parts of the Permaculture Design Course. Our input gives a good indication of our strengths and interests.
•Principles of Permaculture Design,
•Invisible structures,
•Alternative monetary systems,
•Map reading and designing with the overlay method,
•Reading the landscape and earth moving,
•Small and large animals,
•Developing community – exploring the people side of things.