wolf-scythe02We are happy to teach and coach you on all the things we do on an individual basis. From
cheese and sausage making or whatever else of what we do you are interested in. Get in touch and we can see how we can support you on your path towards more self sufficiency.

What we have not yet mentioned:
•Scything tuition for one person or a small group - this way you will get Wolfgangs full attention, feed back and instant correction. It is also very useful to come back after some experience with scything to see where you can improve our technique.

•Bookmaking works best in a small group. You choose the type of book you want to make, choose the materials you want to use and Wolfgang will guide you through the process. These books make perfect presents to yourself and others.

I got 'hooked' on book making in a workshop run by Laurent Neuenschwander - I always liked the idea of making things that I use myself.

I have made numerous books since: diaries, note books, photo albums, presentation folders, sketch books...

The technique I am using is very simple and the tools and materials are easily obtained - much of it is recycled or what other people throw out: card board, leather cut offs, paper, glue and thread. You can get as creative as you like with the format of the book, the design and the decoration of the covers: fabric, paints, pictures from calendars, photos...there is no limit. I can now make a diary or note book in a couple of hours - it is always like a little holiday for me. Perfect for a rainy day.

Do get in touch with Wolfgang if you are keen to learn how to make your own book.