rainbowDeveloping community and learning how to live and work with each other co-operatively is an area we are very interested in, as we believe in the importance of building sustainable relationships. We are both group facilitators and have substantial experience in working with people from many different walks of life.

Group Facilitation

To facilitate means 'to make easy' or 'to enable'. A group facilitator enables the group to achieve the outcomes they want to achieve. We see the role of a facilitator as a process guide who is supporting and guiding the group to it's chosen purpose.

We are living in a time of rapid change, peak everything, climate change and economic instability - for us this provides even more reasons to work together. We see this as an opportunity for us to learn how to work together cooperatively in achieving a life which is respectful to all of us, and to the world around us.

Working with groups of people can be very challenging and at the same time extremely rewarding. There is an ever increasing acknowledgement that good facilitation enables dialogue across different points of view.

Sabine and Wolfgang's growing awareness of the intricacies of group dynamics and the important role facilitation has to play in addressing these lead them both to train as facilitators. Sabine has completed her Diploma of Facilitation in 2006 and has also been involved in co-leading facilitation training. Sabine has a wide range of experience in working with community groups, many of which are involved in exploring the field of sustainable life and living. This often means working with diversity and disagreement. Sabine is passionate about developing sustainable relationships.

Sabine and Wolfgang are offering group facilitation (individually or as co-facilitators) for your community group, board or team to enable you to work together better and achieve what you have set out to do.

Often it is very useful to talk to one other person who is not involved in your life, has no personal interests other then supporting you personal growth and well being. What a facilitator does for a group a coach can do for the individual. Sabine is more then happy to support your personal explorations towards a more fulfilling life.