Our studio barn/workshop and the house are based on the principles of a good ecological Permaculture Design.


First we built a barn that includes a studio and a workshop. The studio part is built using the light earth method. Light earth uses a double timber frame structure which holds the roof and in the barn has an infill of clay and wood chips. The walls are 300mm deep, which gives a really cosy feeling. We are using this building now to accommodate our visitors.

The other side of the same building houses the workshop plus a storage area on the mezzanene. Here we followed the simple building method using macrocarpa timber.


A light earth building is holding the heat well in winter and keeps it cool in summer. It also provides great sound proofing.

For the house we have applied the same construction method, the infill however is clay and scoria. It is a spacious house (approx 140 square meters) and has a generous open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area, large pantry, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a dry composting toilet. We cook on a wood fired kitchen range all through the winter, which also keeps the house warm and dry and the wetback adds to our warm water generation.