About Us

the-pioneersWolfgang and Sabine immigrated to ‘the land of the long white cloud’ in 1987, coming from Germany.

Wolf: I have trained and worked as a veterinarian in Germany. In New Zealand I worked initially with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and then started my own business as a consultant for the food industry.

Sabine: I have trained and worked as a secondary school teacher in Germany. Since living and working in NZ I have been involved in many different work environments, from the tourism and hospitality industry to language teaching for adults, administrative and organisational work. I have a Diploma in Facilitation, a skill which I consider to be very useful for working with groups of people.

In 1993 and 1997 respectively, we completed our Permaculture Design Certificate. This course provided a clear focus for both of us, the philosophy and ethics of Permaculture: ‘Care for the people, care for the planet, reduce consumption’ is very important to us. We are both holders of the Diploma of Permaculture.

It had been our desire to live on and off the land for some time already and in 1995 we realized that desire by moving to Matakana. We lived right next door to Rainbow Valley Farm and became good friends with Trish Allen and the late Joe Polaischer.

In 1997 we joined the Otamatea Eco Village  www.otamatea.info , fulfilling a dream we both had pursued for decades – sharing work and play with other people willing to create a community based on Permaculture principles. A place of learning and sharing the learning.

We have gained many skills over the years, which we see are all part of our path towards self sufficiency. There are the practical skills from building with mud, gardening, designing food supplying systems, home making (cheese, bread and sausage making), scything, brewing and distilling and many more.

We have found that good communication, people skills and personal development are just as important as practical skills. We are both trained as group facilitators and are committed to keep learning to build sustainable relationships while maintaining our unique individuality.

We are passionate about papatuanuku and it’s inhabitants and work towards creating a beneficial future for everyone.